Hi, I'm Alicia. I build agile marketing functions with

high-impact strategies.

I help small businesses and startups set up or transform their marketing initiatives through fractional leadership, consulting and advisory. 

Fractional Marketing Leadership

When it comes to early-stage and small businesses, it pays to have the right strategy and tools in place before trying to get your hustle on or bringing in full-time hires. My fractional CMO or Marketing Director services take care of setting the wheels in motion. I help with developing the right positioning, messaging and channel strategy that works towards long-term success. I also install the ability to effectively execute with workflow elements like SOPs and tooling commonly overlooked or half-assed, causing back-end issues and misalignment down the line. 

Finally, I will help set objectives and monitor performance towards realistic milestones that make a meaningful impact to your bottom-line and brand. If you want to fast-track your business on the right trajectory, I’d love to chat. Engagements start at three months to test the waters and can expand incrementally to 6, 9 or 12 months (or more).

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Consulting &

My consulting and advisory services are for businesses and independent professionals looking for support with a particular project or medium-to-long-term guidance. This includes being a sounding board to founders or the exec team, mentoring junior marketers, implementing effective workflows or helping you manage any important campaigns and launches.

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Brainstorm Call

No nonsense, no fluff– just honest-to-goodness advice. When it comes to solving a problem or making better decisions, sometimes a fresh perspective is all you need. Pick my brain about a specific issue or let’s examine the bigger picture with more focus. I want to ensure that when we’re done talking, you feel empowered and ready to move forward with confidence. Common topics include in-house vs outsourcing, hiring marketing talent, positioning & messaging, channel strategy, workflows and tools, content marketing and social media, events and community, and website optimisation.

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Website Design

I run a select number of website design sprints every quarter. If you’re not looking for an end-to-end design and build but need advice on launching or improving your site, you may benefit from a Brainstorm Call instead.

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professional bio

Alicia (a-lee-syah) is a multi-disciplined marketing leader with 8 years' experience in startups, venture capital and consulting.

Alicia started her career as a market research analyst, working on strategic communications projects for Fortune 500 companies. After a stint in executive search whilst completing her MSc in Innovation Management, she joined an early-stage venture capital fund. There, she helped establish the fund’s brand and scaled post-investment support for 100+ portfolio companies. 

Continuing her work with European startups, she then headed up marketing for a leading blockchain accelerator programme. Alicia was most recently the product and marketing lead for GrowCFO, a training provider for ambitious senior finance professionals and Chief Financial Officers. 

She currently advises businesses on a range of marketing and strategy projects from positioning and messaging to product launches and web design. Professional interests include FemTech, EdTech, diversity in tech, blockchain and sustainability.

Alicia holds a B.A. in International Affairs from The George Washington University and a MSc in Business Innovation from Birkbeck, University of London. She is Ecuadorian, Irish, and American by nationality and grew up in Ireland and Tanzania.

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