Snaga is a health & fitness tracker app that helps you set out realistic goals that you can accomplish without many hurdles. Sometimes, we keep bigger goals but end up and workout sessions and exercises to help you keep fit.


It allows users to track data, such as volume, time, weight, and goals, to compare their progress. Acting as a type of digital workout journal, this app helps you log workouts and utilize helpful graphs.

The app also allows users to create their own custom workout plans, down to the number of sets & reps for everyone, from beginner level.

Strong workout tracker is for those who mean business and have been working out long enough to know exactly what they want

Start keeping your body and mind healthy now

Start keeping your body and mind healthy now

Start keeping your body and mind healthy now

Start keeping your body and mind healthy now

Start keeping your body and mind healthy now

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Custom workout plans

Snaga is fully customizable workout app. Whether you do weightlifting, physical etc.

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Clearing meditation

A highly accessible meditation that will create more clarity & space in the body.

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Daily fitness challenges

Snaga gives you achieve a specific goal with a specific exercise for daily activities.

Great value home exercise 💪🏼

I was recommended snaga from a dear friend and WOW!!! Gives energy, strength & mostly your motivation and you helped me grow beyond my expectations.

Such a wonderful fitness app ❤

Such a wonderful fitness plan! Someone who trains regularly but does not have any access to equipment, this plan has been a lifesaver. You don’t need anything 

Love the home fitness tips

After a hiatus from the gym I needed some encouragement to help me get my confidence needed some encouragement to back😍

I can honestly say that I’ve enjoyed

oth the workouts and the delicious receipts are easy to follow and to finish. It’s great to be part of a community.These times when so much has changed❤

10/10 would recommend👌🏼

The workouts are fun to do but still make you sweat! I’m so grateful for the two of you for starting  grateful for this amazing app️

Just completed week 3 and love the app

As someone who has not exercised for a few years, it is great to be getting back into it with such and nd my family are loving it too!Wonderful job guys 😍

The fitness builder app lets you create your own workouts based on your goals. Download on any device and keep yourself healthy.